Let’s Change Ourselves For Better Before They Change Us For Worse

Please read this carefully and really think this through.

At this moment, we’re at a precipice. Social media has created incredible divisions between friends and families. One truth we can count on is, we’re actually in the fight of our lives from the inside. None of us have the same information or truth that’s been presented to us. There’s polarization and extreme violence from misinformation in social media, occurring in many places, resulting in numerous deaths. Whole countries and governments can rise and fall, depending on what the truth is, from guess what…. SOCIAL MEDIA.

Most of us didn’t see this coming, so here we are. What now? We’re building something special.  No, this is not about political or industry happenings or even the useless commentaries on the “News”. This is neutral and something more. This will be like Morpheus in The Matrix: We want to give you the red pill, all red pills. In other words, the reality. What is the reality? We’ll need to work together to wake up from our terrible nightmare in finding that out and figuring out a solution on how to fix this social media problem. With the knowledge we have so far, life for all of us cannot continue “as is”. We cannot continue to have this awful division between all of us, from all the bad information being fed to us.

Now, If you’ve been keeping tabs on issues that are important to you, don’t you think it’s just as, or even more important to know what’s going on, with something that can make or break you in a blink of an eye?

Right now, we’ve set up a private email list to keep you up to date with new information and content that may be useful to you. We don’t know, but maybe we can help save some broken relationships while bringing about positive changes for ourselves. Remember, social media can be good and it can be a powerful way to bring about wonderful changes, but only if we can solve some of these tough problems they bring.

Well, you can take the red pill (reality), by subscribing below, to help stop the madness, or don’t, and take the blue pill (stay in the nightmare), by leaving here and everything will remain the same in your world.